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About us – Company History

The Degenhart family looks back onto a long family tradition. The blacksmith Josef Degenhart established the blacksmith workshop in 1898. 1914 he passed the company on to Georg Degenhart. After motorization of the agriculture, we began in 1930 to build the first tractors in Schwaighausen. The chassis was put together out of used truck parts. A 12HP single cylinder or 20HP 2cylinder engine from the Motorenfabrik Mannheim was used.



1976 the first Degenhart front hydraulic was developed and fitted onto an IHC tractor.

1976 also the first Degenhart front hitch for a John Deere tractor was offered on the market.

1978 John Deere tractors with a Degenhart front hydraulic were introduced at the ZLF in Munich.

1979 John Deere presented our Degenhart front hitch as exhibition news at the DLG in Frankfurt.

2000 we moved to the new buildings in the industrial park.

2006 Exclusive Dealer for Froment dynamometers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

2013 the new logistic center was build.

2014 new in the product programm frontsystems for New Holland, Case and Steyr.

2015 new in the product programm frontsystems for Landini, Zetor and Lindner.

2016 new in the product programm frontsystems for McCormick, Massey Ferguson and Valtra.

2017 new in the product programm frontsystems for Claas, Kubota and Fendt.

Now and in future the Company Degenhart will be your trusted partner for frontsystems
and Dynamometers.



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