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Front Hitch John Deere 5080 - 5090 G/GH

for 5080G-5090G-5090GH MY14

Technical Data:
- Lifting Power 2,5 to.
- screwed frame construction
- powder coated
- 2 double-acting lifting cylinders
- Rocker arm made out of special cast alloy
- Walterscheid quick couplers Cat. 2
- Solid lower links, can be folded up easily without any tool,
with swing balance
- Towing fork
- Multi-valve single-acting / double-acting or locked
- Hydraulic hoses to the original control unit
- Top link Cat. 2 standing
- Complete mounting kit

Mounting time:
- approx. 2,5 hours
- Front Hitch is delivered completely pre-assembled

Ordering information:
Please supply the following info when ordering:
- Year built:
- Front loader: No/Yes, Make/Model:
- Emissions level:
- suspended Front axle: No/Yes

We do not cover possible upcoming costs for adaptation
work for Front loader - Front hitch combination.

Front PTO John Deere 5080 - 5090 G/GH

for 5080-5090 G/GH

Technical Data:
- 125 mm shaft displacement, i=2,06:1
- Max. Power 74kW, permissible continuous power 50kW
- Speed 1000 rpm, turning right into driving direction
- PTO stomp turnable to the right/left
- Electro-hydraulic start via magnetic valve
- Soft start to spare machines via hydraulic starting control
- Silent multiple disc clutch in oil bath
- Own oil supply, with piston pump
- Complete mounting kit
- Can be retrofitted at any later date without problems

Mounting time:
- appox. 6 hours

Ordering information:
Please supply the following info when ordering:
- Year built:
- Transmission variant from tractor:
- John Deere control unit:
- Suspended front axle: Yes/No
- Emission level:
- 3. hydraulic pump: Yes/No
- Installation only with small fuel tank (JD Code 8312)

When retro-fitting the PTO please supply serial number
and manufacturer of the front hitch.

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